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Executive Members of the Board

picture of Darren Murphy in a white coat

Darren Murphy


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Jennifer Butler

Vice President

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Marilyn Sidhu




There are three committees that oversee the work of Pharmacists Manitoba. These three committees have the option to create task specific working groups as required. For additional information view the Committee Profiles below:

Internal Relations Committee

The Internal Relations Committee:

A. Assists the Board of Directors fulfill its obligations in respect to internal and operational issues including finance, human capital, and facilities.

B. Ensures that adequate financial resources are in place to sustain Pharmacists Manitoba operations in alignment with Board strategic goals.

Financial Management

  • Provide guidance, oversight and support for the financial practices of the organization including approval of and compliance with fiscal policies and procedures; development of the annual budget; and ensuring accurate tracking and analysis of financial trends and issues.
  • Meet with the auditors, if requested.
  • Meet with Investment Financial Advisor, as required.

Human Capital

  • With input from the CEO, review and provide recommendations to the Board in respect to the human resource requirements of Pharmacists Manitoba.
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the process to follow in respect to conducting an annual work performance review of the CEO.
  • Provide recommendations to the Board of Directors in respect to the compensation of the CEO. The review would include salary, benefits, vacation entitlements, tuition reimbursement, pension, and or bonus incentives.
  • Ensure that a succession and executive development plan is in place.


  • Provide guidance, oversight and support to ensure high-quality facilities including planning, maintenance and risk management.

C.  The Committee will review on an annual basis the Committee Profile for the Internal Relations Committee.

The complete Internal Relations Committee Profile can be viewed here.

The Internal Relations Committee is Chaired by Marilyn Sidhu. 

picture of Marilyn Sidhu in a white coat

External Relations Committee

The External Relations Committee:

  • Supports Pharmacists Manitoba with external relations involving, but not limited to government relations, professional relations and public relations initiatives and member services.
  • Works to develop an annual agenda that is in line with the strategic planning of Pharmacists Manitoba.
  • Establishes representation on Provincial and National negotiation or program committees.
  • Maintains a collaborative relationship with government by participating in working groups that deal with current issues.
  • Ensures that Pharmacists Manitoba is continually advancing the credibility and the visibility of the pharmacist in the community.
  • Supports the development and access to programs that will encourage pharmacists to enhance their service offerings.
  • Supports national campaigns at a provincial level.
  • Supports the Pharmacists Manitoba Conference Working Group.
  • Establishes and maintains relationships with stakeholders and sponsors.
  • Develops and delivers effective and timely communication.
  • Works with other pharmacy groups (stakeholders) to achieve common goals that benefit the profession of pharmacy (CSHP, CAPSI, CPhM, CPBA, CPhA, NPAC, The Pharmacists Manitoba Economics Advisory Council).
  • Review on an annual basis the Committee Profile for the External Relations Committee

The complete External Relations Committee Profile can be viewed here.

The External Relations Committee is Chaired by Marianna Pozdirca. 

picture of Roger Tam

Good Governance Committee

The Good Governance Committee:

Ensures that the governance of Pharmacists Manitoba is relevant, transparent, functional, and accountable to its membership. The Committee assists the Board in providing long term vision, and in protecting the reputation and values of the association. The Committee will review on an annual basis the Committee Profile for the Good Governance Committee.

A.  By-Laws

  • Annually review the By-Laws, with recommendations to the Board, and approval by the membership at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Ensure the By-Laws are consistent with Pharmacists Manitoba’s role as a negotiator with third parties including Manitoba Health, Health Canada and private insurers.

B.  Governance

  • Develops and reviews governance policies and procedures of the organization, which include, but are not limited to:
    • Composition of the Board of Directors, including Liaison Members
    • Elections to the Board of Directors
    • Election Timeframe
    • Election Procedures
    • Voting Procedures
    • Orientation of new Directors of the Board
    • Honoraria for Board and Committee service
    • Regular review of all Committee Profiles regarding consistency of content and appropriate member representation
    • Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality
    • Legal, ethical and regulatory requirements
    • Review of Board Member attendance

The complete Good Governance Committee Profile can be viewed here

The Good Governance Committee is Vacant.