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Types of Memberships

Individual Membership

Pharmacists Manitoba is committed to being the unified voice of pharmacists across the province and leading the profession through the wide range of practice issues that are important to our members. Pharmacists Manitoba has:

  • engaged government and funders in discussions of compensation for professional services 
  • promoted pharmacists as valued members of the healthcare team
  • supported pharmacists through continuing professional development 

We strive to create value for the profession as a whole, while recognizing our individual members are the core  of the organization....Read More

Corporate Membership

Pharmacists Manitoba has a proud and rich tradition of serving its members for over 40 years. Pharmacists Manitoba has always existed to represent, support, negotiate, agree, and advocate on behalf of its members.

Pharmacists Manitoba's purpose is to represent pharmacists in working with governments and third-party payers to provide drugs, pharmaceutical services, and medical supplies. Pharmacists Manitoba is not only the strongest voice advocating for Manitoba pharmacists, Pharmacists Manitoba has the legal authority to advocate and negotiate on behalf of their members.

Through the development and implementation of a strategic plan, a three prong strategy focusing on Professional Relations, Government Relations, and Public Relations, Pharmacists Manitoba continues to strive towards advancing the issues of adequate compensation for pharmacists and improving recognition of pharmacists' role in health care....Read More